What is SPC and How Do I Use It?

Imagine earning money just by walking or running – sounds too good to be true? Well, it's possible with Runtopia

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SPC Introduction

SPC, the digital currency of Runtopia, offers a unique way to reward your active lifestyle. With SPC, you can purchase select items, enjoy premium services, and even redeem PayPal cash rewards on the Runtopia platform. Earning SPC is effortless, whether you're walking, running, or completing various SPC tasks.

Earning SPC

Accumulate SPC through various exciting methods:

  • Daily Activity (Walking/Running): Every step you take, whether it's a casual walk or an intense run, contributes to your SPC balance when using the Runtopia App.
  • Completing SPC Tasks: From hitting daily activity goals to participating in special challenges, tasks are a great way to earn extra SPC.
  • Inviting Friends: Share Runtopia with your friends, and for every successful referral, you'll earn SPC.
  • Watching Ads: Simply view ads on the Runtopia App daily, and you'll be rewarded with SPC.

Using SPC

Your hard-earned SPC can be redeemed for numerous benefits:

  • PayPal Cash Redemption: Exchange your SPC for PayPal cash in the store and use your earnings anywhere PayPal is accepted.
  • In-App Discounts: Discover exclusive deals and discounts in the Runtopia app, exclusively for SPC holders.
  • Diverse Products: From sports gear to healthy snacks, enhance your active lifestyle with products purchased using SPC.
  • VIP Services: Upgrade your experience with VIP services like personal training sessions, paid with your SPC balance.
  • Coupon Codes: Redeem SPC for coupon codes on various platforms to enjoy discounts on your favorite brands and products.

With Runtopia, your steps and miles not only lead to a healthier you but also to financial rewards. Start earning SPC today and enjoy the benefits of a more active and rewarding lifestyle.