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Pays You To Get Fit Who doesn't have Runtopia yet?

Author: Ahthor Sue Posted on: 01/15/2024

You're missing out, and guess what? You can snag a premium membership for free!

Check this out: Runtopia's got a whopping 4 million users worldwide! If you're already in the club, you know it's not just a running tracker. It's your fitness wingman, a calorie cruncher, and a heart rate guru. Plus, it lets you whip up personalized fitness gigs and tailor-make training plans for whatever workout vibe you're feeling.

Think of it like a cool mashup of Facebook and Instagram, but with a fitness twist. You can discover new workout buddies, flaunt your global sweat stats, set up your own running squad, and challenge your mates for some friendly competition.

Now, for the real deal – the Runtopia Premium membership won't break the bank. It's just $3.99 a month or $23.49 a year. And hold up, the perks are sweet! You get all the fancy training plans, deep dives into your workout data, and double the daily SPC rewards. 

Here's the juicy scoop: The SPC store just got a facelift. You can cash in your SPC for the monthly or yearly premium membership card. Monthly is 399 SPC coins, and yearly is 2349 coins. Mark your calendar though – every March 1st, we wipe the slate clean on SPC earned before December 31st. We'll shoot you a heads-up two weeks in advance, so don't snooze on using those SPC.

So, how do you score more SPC? Easy peasy:

  1. Hit that daily check-in.

  2. Smash those exercise tasks.

  3. Tackle anything else on the SPC task list

  4. Watch a few video ads

  5. Rope in your pals to download and sign up on Runtopia (bonus: you get a 7-day membership trial).

And guess what? We're cooking up more goodies in the SPC store, plus fresh online showdowns and events. Runtopia's pumped to have you on board!

Pays You To Get Fit Who doesn't have Runtopia yet?

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