It All Starts With a Single Step

All your fitness data in the palm of your hand

Track your workout

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, Runtopia accurately tracks your run and gives you real-time audio coaching.

Analyze data

Discover personal workout and fitness data from basics like calories burned, to specifics like steps per minute.

Improve Your Run

Choose any of our training plans suitable to your fitness level and begin seeing improvement in speed, distance and endurance.

Start earning through Runtopia’s Sports Coin

Whether a workout, tracked daily steps or encouraging others on, Runtopia will reward you for your effort with virtual coins (sports coin).

Swap Coins for Prizes & Offers: Use your sports coin to get awesome rewards and discounts!

Online races

Take part in weekly themed online races, receive race medals and stay accountable to your fitness goals

Join and complete events to stay motivated and keep fit!

Connect With the Social Community

Make new like-minded friends, share your successes or simply receive encouragement from the Runtopia community around the world.